Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Night of Ghouls, Ghosts and Witches...

I think looking at the current date all left for me to do is claim the ghosts have taken me after Halloween show and I just now got freed again.... does that work as an excuse? 

They spit me back out with all the pictures I took, too, so here we go with a quick recap on Halloween 2014 and, as usual, I'll try to work my way up to current date. I foresee christmas pictures on easter again... history repeating! But, you got your pics, at last ;) 

Halloween show was opened with Diawa's "Wicked Things", and if you havent seen the set before, you missed out. A lovely duette in a spooky forest, with flashing trees and dancing plant creatures, particle magic and the usual choreography-WOW only a Diawa can do.. Thanks for adding this!

Diawa controls all wicked things!

Next up came Babypea with her absolutely stunning "Witchy Woman" act. Pictures really dont do it justice, cause the stage was a fantastic 3d experience. And who could resist a stripping Babypea on top of that...
Babypea rocks the cosmos. A truely witchy woman!
Following the dance above the cosmos we moved back down to earth, just in your favorite neighborhood next door with the girls from the LGC Cheersquad and your favorite underwear hot dude on the ad board. Gal and Rug went for a midnight dance to Rosemay Clooney's "I aint got no body" and it wasnt long until the dead came to join them..

Gimme an L! Gimme a G! Gimme a C!

The next stage set up didnt promise all too good even with closed curtains.. the scenery got dark... fear lay in the air.. with a scent of roasted BBQ mingeling into the mix.... Should we be concerned? Most likely.. cause SexyS was about to hit the stage. 

Grill and BBQ didnt lift the moods with this ominous curtain...
And as was to be expected, that wasn't your standard grilled chicken.. we've been missing dancers ever since, bless their souls.

Evil comes your way...

LGC got renamed to "High Canibal-esque Showhouse", thanks to S
Luckily no further bodies vanished (although some audience members seemed strangely stuffed after the set....) and the mood was lightened again with our next curtain for Kismet - clickety-clack, the skelletons danced, and they did it so well. This really made me laugh, too bad you can't capture animated textures on picture, because these ones were really brilliant and added a fun touch to her song choice "Spooky Scary Skeletons"!

Stepping class with Kismet - click-clack left, click-clack right, bones swing, rinse, repeat!

Even the caskets opened after that performance to applaud and clap!
 Ga-Leee-La delighted us right after with the full Minxette troupe and Elvira's "Monster Mash" - what a brilliant set! Sexy devils mingled with all sorts of black and white vintage movie creatures.. hard to describe, but the Mistress of move-things-around-gadgets did it again! Awesome set, Gal!
Sierra, Chandra, Rug, Gal, Kismet, Diawa, SexyS
Oh noes.. they are moving towards us...... What's about to come!
Dracula joined the ranks as our newest MinxMuffins...
Eventually it was time to get my own spooky ass on stage, so all the fabric nightmares are made of came together for Ayria's dark and hypnotic-rythmic "Recoil". Paired with darkness reaching from underneath to pull the creatures above in their realm and the eyes that see everything..

Evil is everywhere, and it has an eye on you!
Lady Garden got some grabby-voyeuristic additions......
The club turned into a spooky forest ready to snatch another one or two of the audience..
 Next up was Rina taking you to a private dance at Fangtasia.. Speak about truth in advertising.. ;)

One does wonder if this lucky dude was as lucky as it would appear.. or just another soon-to-be-missing visitor.
Last but not least this very spooky closing number of Mistress of Evil Ceremony, "The Shredded", Babypea.. ;) She brought us a last scare of ghosts, ghouls and demons, witches and of course the bloody one-of-a-kind SexyS creature.. I think that one wasnt even in the myth books yet...

Rotten was never so sexy!
Prepare to be missing another 3 or 4 audience members..... 

As per usual, this has been an off-the-charts fantastic show, girls! Thanks so much for all the effort you put in, and thanks to all our returning patrons who support our dancers with their lindenlove and fill the place with life. We wouldnt be here without you, and we truely hope we'll spend a lot of time in the future with you still!

Love and Kisses from all the Minxettes!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Can't keep us down!

It's been quite some time since my last post. Unfortuantely we've run into some unforseen extended summer break, so there was quite a bit to sort out in the past months. Long things short: Chopsy has gone MIA and we've been quite shaken on what to do with the club and tier, so eventually we came to the conclusion to just keep it running to the best we can. More on that later, eventually.

However, here's finally the pictures of our first "after-pause" show on October 3rd! Please forgive me, I can't find the song lists anymore so this post is a slow-and-steady retrieval of the songs  everybody used. Will keep it updated as they trickle in, very sorry for that!

Opening up was Diawa with this very Circus-esque number for "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson - and flawless choreo, as ever.

You can run, but you can't hide!
Next up was BabyPea - what started all black and white was soon to pop out of the screen into a classy red piece of burlesque treasure.  Thanks so much for the eye-candy, Miss von Phoenix! :)

Now what's that going to be?
Yummy BabyPeas!
Following up were Gal and Rug with their tantalizing ribbon particles to "True Colors" - I am super happy you girls did this one again, it's giving me goose bumps every time I see it!!

Soft pinks this time!
Nothing like bombing the audience with colors - wheeeeeee!
Next up was Rina with Rob Zombie's "Pussy Liquore" (it does help when the set tells you what song it was).
There comes the fog
Add caption
Followed up by SexyS "The Kitty" Quintessa - damn, woman, what a stage!! This has been beyond amazing. The song was something about kitties.. go figure. I could hum you the tune but don't nail me down on trying to recall who sang it... *hides* I'll promise, I'll do better on the next post again.

Chase the Kitty!
Does this need any words, really?
Eventually I had to move my own pixely ass up to stage. This was a revamped set from earlier the past year(s), "Dilruba", taking you along for a bit of mythology. Everything was of course fancier this time, with more movement (yay movers!) and more particles and more attachments (yay gacha curse).

Kali's Dance

And then there was of course my lovely fire demons! Thanks to Karissa, Diawa and Jena for jumping in the flames for me!

Into the Depths of the Fire Pits.....
Closing the Show was BabyPea once more with this very Jazz-Inspired group number. Thanks for adding it, Baby, the stage looked amazing and what a flashy way to end an evening!

Lean back, honey, it's after work party time!

I would like to give my very very special thanks to all who performed tonight, and the very generous donations you all gave towards LGC tier.

We do hope that we can continue to keep LGC open with all of your help, so thanks again for coming to watch the shows and your much appreciated tips, and most of all, you fanstastic bunch of Minxettes for performing and staying true to LGC <3

Love and Kisses,

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Radioactive Super Massive Supernova!

We'll I'll start out with the obvious: we rocketh socketh! And for May I'd like to say we really took off! Oh my goodness, what a show!! 73 people on sim! All the excitement, all the exclaimation marks! And the moon was just the first stop..

Underneath the city lights.. there is a whole new
bunch of more lights. Just saying! ;)
And it's been the month where our 2011 show opener classic has returned, but all polished up with all the new gadgets and tricks 2014 has to offer! Thanks to the mighty M-trinity of mesh, mocaps and movers - how wonderful changes in SL can be. :D

This one is for you, Chopsy, for keeping the place running successfully all these years! <3

So to prepare the audience for what was about to swoop over them like a Lady Garden Tornado, our lovely Minxettes Rina, Diawa, Gal, Chopsy, myself, Honey, Miwa, Rug and SexyS (lower pic from left to right) swang their hips and ass(ett)es to Christina Aguilera's "Show Me How You Burlesque"!

LGC shows you how to Burlesque!
If you missed it, don't be sad. It will return some time or another. ;) Oh, not to forget the fact that it all was filmed on top! There couldn't have been a better day for this. Thank you so much!

Right after this old time classic opened the curtain for one of Lady Garden's new time classics! I'm saying this cause no other than SexyS Quintessa from Guerilla Burlesque joined our force to beam the Minxettes up to outer space and pull some of her long-time-experience tricks out her sleeves. Glad to have you with us, S <3 (I'll still battle you with bones some time, don't think you're off the hook there..)

No Black Hole is Super Massive Enough with that one!
Out of her infinite collection of avatars (you wouldn't believe she turned into a toaster throwing burnt toasts at me!!), she pulled the one most fitting to rock Muse's "Super Massive Black Hole" this evening and kept us with mouth open. Way to go S, you made ME speechless. Now that's an achievement!

The hole was thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat wide, and wider even!
None of the non-glowy Ones ever passed Bouncer S...
Oh I did mention, there is a video of all this amazingness, right? Bear with me. We'll get there.

Next one up was another whole new level of awesome.. and probably the first time full nakies on stage but I'm pretty sure nobody noticed that due to the very skillful and entrancing distraction of ribbon particles. So Gal & Rug rock..rugged their way through "True Colors" by Artists Against Bullying. Goosebump Factor x10. Seriously.

Mandalas have never been better..
Minimal Dresscode - check.
This would also be a befitting moment again to mention that there is the most fantastic video clip capturing this! If you're good readers and bear with me, you'll get the candy, I promise!

Even the Hippies back then didn't see those colors.
Nacked alone no acid-flash makes!
Focus your view on the spirals.. now repeat after me: "Give me all your Lindens"
Anybody wondered why they were on 0 L$ after the show?
The blue was just the beginning..
Funny thing is, I didn't see half of the final particles from being all entranced stuck-up-with-my-nose on these 4. Thanks to video, I eventually figured out what that blue stuff was on this screenshot - I initially thought it was an SL glitch while picture editing!

So again, Ladies, in all formality: You made me speechless.. AGAIN. (This is gonna be one Chandra-silent show at this rate!) Thanks for the awesomeness, who doesn't love to give inspiration if THAT is the outcome! :D

Now next one up must have been a Second Life Burlesque first.. least best I can tell!

Once the curtain opened, we were surprised by the full tiny splendor that is the Miwa - and invited to an a capella version of Ruth Wallis's "Soft As A Kitten" sung with the most charming Mexican accent tied in by Miwa herself.

The wild part hunted all those feathers, I'm sure!
The size is just for distraction to wrap all in a sense of safety..

Many many claps and cheers for this performance, little soft Tiger-Kitten! Glad we caught this one on video too, it all turned out great <3

And well sooner or later I had to drag my ass back out there too so well behold, here it comes!

So many more free spots..
I was going to do something different but turns out the sudden pull of inspiration made sure I got thoroughly distracted on the main mission and took a little de-tour. And well I am rather happy about that!

On a side note, I learned that there is a 38 attachments limit on an SL avatar.. who would have figured :P So here's the final on-the-limit outfit for "Mata Hari" by Noblesse Oblige. Click to enlarge if you want to count for yourself ;)

Lakshmi wasn't gonna share the lotus, but guess who won the dance battle..
Some will dance, Some will die. The cosmos said so.
So this turned out a very mythology heavy interpretation of the song, picking up on the exotic spell Mata Hari had likely put on her audience once back then. Even if it's not really clear what the truth behind her myth really is. Look up history on that one, it's rather interesting. ;)

Something with that sunbathing doesn't appear to be working..
So going from one historical legend to another one of a different sorts, next one up on stage was nobody less than Ellie Chriss. Those of you following Burlesque in SL for a while will know her from Ellie's Burlesque and Beautiful Freaks back in the days, those of you who don't will get to know her, be sure of that! With "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragon she clearly came to stay (or at least last a few decades as all radiocative stuff does).

Reclaiming stage? Do what it takes! A little acid rain and nuclear fallout makes
sure none other will try to get it back. That one fights dirty, beware.

Plotting world domination?
I'll leave the Fan-Girling to Chops for her next post (we all know, she does it way better than me anyhow), BUT, I am still thrilled to see you with us, Ellie. It's great to see you keeping the passion of performing after all these many years, I really hope this stays and you'll keep us company for a long time! :)

(Oh and you kinda signed up until all the acid mess on stage is de-toxed, anyhow, now. Just saying!)

Only happy when it rains? We'll see.
So once all the poisonous stuff was hastily wiped off stage, we were right in for another lesson right from "The Madame" herself. Chopsy brought a whole class-room with her to ensure proper attention while playing the "Facts Of Life" out of her Black Box Recorder.

You! You! You! and You!
Each in one corner of the room until you learn to pay attention.
And oh she did it so well!

I would copy the whole set of emotes in here but well, I don't want to look like the teacher's pet who took the extra thorough notes during class. However, I'm pretty sure the boys learned a lot of valuable and important things this time around, and wouldn't they be fools to not come back for next lesson. ;)

Lesson #01 - Always dress proper for Class.
Lesson #02 - Only if you follow Rule #01
you're prepared to properly undress in class.
Any more questions? Or did I make my point clear..
That being said, stop panicking about faders, silly! You handled the situation JUST fine. ;) And thanks for bringing back one of my definite favorite sets of yours, loved the revamp polish-up it got - how good this ended up on video! (Oh yes, the ever tempting video dangeling like the carrot in front of the donkey... keep following me, my brave and hungry readers!) 

Since things get quite heated up these days at the Lady Garden, we did put our utmost attention into safety measures of course (and Mary needs a detox from time to time as well). So it should be no surprise when the curtain opened for a glance into our very own E.R. where the girls get  sedated and the patrons get drugged.. um.. I mean... okay well I mean we have this AWESOME nurse Rina to take care of all emergencies. *nods nods*

Sure it's no longer hurting? ;)
With Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine" she raced and swirled over the white tiles and in the hurry lost her top even - see THAT is dedication! All for the best and fastest service you'll ever find in any cabaret building on the grid. But do not fred, if she poked you with the anesthesia then there is a video you can watch to recap the events of the night!

Alright, who wants to come play doctor?
Slowly it dawn on us why Healthcare is such a heatedly debated issue..

Sadly all things come to an end eventually, and so we went from white to bright in true "I've seen the light!" style. Our divine Diawa showed it to us, with mesmerizing voice repeating "Bow down before the One you serve..." *chandra's eyes turn all glassy as she feels the almighty pull on her mind forcing the body to walk into the voice's direction - straight past Diawa to the real source (sorry Di, but it's TRENT, damnit)*

"The small spotlight isn't enough for E.R.", they said..
So with the stadium bam only a Diawa can whip out her pocket, the night reached one last climax with Nine Inch Nails "Head Like A Hole" and well.. her pocket stadium light show. Watch the video, seriously. These lights look SO real it's absolutely fantastic and I am still all entranced. She got herself backup support from SexyS and Chopsy, but don't ask me who is who they all look the same to me at this point (but who really cares, DAMN, those lights......)

"I got a stadium in my pocket, biaaatch!"
*glances left and right* "Hopefully nobody notices I don't HAVE a pocket..."

Well so it looks like you did make it to the very end of this quite lenghty re-cap of a spectacular show. Did the carrot get you there, or did you walk all by yourself? ;)

This would be the time to say a massive big THANK YOU to Daemion for capturing the whole show on video for us to ever drool about and dwell in memories.. We truely appreciate that you braved the lag and captured a piece of LGC history in motion for us!

See the VIDEO - finally! 

You so deserve it! <3

Thanks all for being part of this amazing venture called Lady Garden, and supporting us every month again with either your presence, your talent, your tips or just by being you.

Love and kisses,