Saturday, 26 September 2015

September Summonings

That's the thing that happened last night... my sincere appologies if you had been looking for an announcement on the blog, it slipped my mind to post before showtime :( Will try to speed up the pictures from it now though to make up for that.

Thanks for being part of the "Lady Garden Experience" ;)

Exotic Dancers

This is a late post about our show on August 28th... cause you know that thing - some call it "real life" - got in the way of putting it up before our November show.. BUT, better late than never. Here you go :)

It's been 5 dancers this night, and with I-couldnt-be-any-prouder manner they raced through the set-up phases in perfection, so all ran smooth as butter and was over quicker than Duchess could race the highway. Overall just so "you'll regret that you missed it" fantastic ;D

Click through to enjoy the recap and see what exotic dancers this night brought forth...

Opening number of the day was Kismet's opium den... this was one of the first sets I've seen from Kismet 2 years or so back and it still captures me. The scenery is just gorgeous, and the tune oh-so-hypnotic. Just the thing you want to close your eyes, lean back, and let the mind take you travelling...

The audience was definitely entranced, but how could you not when Seduction is her super-power. Thanks to let me see this again Kis

Next up was a very special guest of ours, who so religiously sets her alarmclock at the crack of dawn just to join us... there is not enough "thank you's" I could type in here to express how much this means to me. (And would you really want to end up at Chandra's Thank You ravishings everytime you type "thank" into google? :P)

Anyway... here it comes!

So this 2nd set of the night came from nobody other than Misse, and seriously: This set is magic.

I have been waiting to see it live for soooo long now, this made my day it finally happened ;D Thanks so much for bringing this tonight, Misse!

There's more pictures of this and the other sets on my flickr, I just didnt want to spam you with a whole list of photos in here. So go take a look if you like!

So let's move on to set no 3 of the night from our little sparkly forest fairy Aelva. So much talent in this tiny one - today she showed us "Fireflies" and hypnotized the audience not only with this lovely tune but all the particle rain on top as well :)

Thanks so much Aelva!

So after this burst of colors, we move on to the burst of amazing tunes. I finally caught a picture of our lovely emcee Red tonight... Thanks for putting up with our madness and last minute messes, Lady, your fantastic DJ sets are the heart and soul around all these fantastic visuals and we very much appreciate your thoughtfulness in putting them together. <3

Also another glance from high up there at the audience of the night.. Thank you all so much for coming :D

What was about to come out of that curtain next could be called as "A trip to the shopping routines of SexyS".. cause well.. i have no other words for how to describe this! I do know they sell Sticky Buns there though... xD

We did notice there were unpaid cucumbers missing after a certain someone had left the store.. .one can only guess how those were smuggled past the cashier............ 

And last, there was no other choice but drag my own ass out from behind the comfort of our dressing room... this was the last set of the night and a remake of a song I did last year the first time.. now with a bit more moving and bam and boom.... Well the stuff you do when you have enough time to tinker with a set ;D

So that's all for that night, I hope you had a fantastic time coming and will speed through the next set of pictures of November's show (which was last night) so that post is hopefully up soon too <3

Love and Kisses!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ending Summer Minxette-Style

We're getting very active this month ;) Mark the calendar!

Below where Nobody Watches...

So here's the pics from last night's JUST WOW Underwater Extravaganza. The show was such a fantastic success - packed house, amazing sets, hauntingly beautiful music picks..... Ladies, I am so proud of you!! :D

This show was Lady Garden's show contribution to Enchantment's "The Little Mermaid" round. A huge thanks to our fantastic audience who came to see the Minxettes swing a leg and fins, and managed to make it into the sim -  this wouldn't have been the same without you all <3

I guess let's short-cut the intro, turn that camera around and get right to it, shall we?

Opening number of the day was our oh-so-charming sea witch SexyS, who got herself a new voice and introed us with that uniqueness which only she can bring to stage.. I seriously admire your bravery for the crazy and unusual, and I am so so so so happy you joined us, S <3 

We still wonder what exactly that underwater cave is she invited us in.... Well let's rather not know... ;D

But wait... already the next curtain! What's about to swim in here.....

The second curtain belonged to two very special people - and I am truely happy to see you two still with us!

This so very magic set was the debut performance of Gal and Rug at Lady Garden 3 years ago - with the state-of-the-art dance gadgets of 2012, mind you. And it was already beyond fantastic back then! Now imagine what those two ladies did after tinkering around with Spot On for the past years :D

They danced themselves into our hearts to "What a wonderful world" - it's still giving me goosebumps just thinking about it... Such a perfect tune for this underwater space void of any noise and hectic. Thanks for bringing this again to stage tonight you two. :)

Thanks for your support of LGC during all this time, it ment a lot to me during our rough times and always will.

Now from the silent beauty of gently moving fins we get to a whole different, more serious matter: There's moments when those inhabitants from down below feel the urge to come up and explore..

For these little fellas, it didn't cost a voice only, it could have gone very wrong had we followed the strict story-telling of Les Freres Jacques with this interpretation of "Le Petit Homard", transl. "The Little Lobster". :D

Set number 3 of the night was our group number, and well... the grid needed sexy lobsters! So here's the Minxettes lobstering it up in grand old fashion cabaret manner.

Left to right we have SexyS, Rug, myself (front), Gal, Aelva, and a very special catch for our lobster bisque fresh out of Ippos ocean - our lovely landlady and "Enchantment" event co-hostess Duchess "Lobsteress" Flux

At this point a very special thanks to my most favorite French lobster, who helped finding this song which, to be honest, couldnt have been more perfect! What would I do without you, Dru

I should have warned you... I took A LOT of pictures, if that wasnt clear yet....  xD But this was seriously so fantastic, we would hate for those who didnt make it into the sim to not be able to participate in some fashion at least..

You all rock the plates so hard, I am so thrilled about having you around for this madness over and over again. (Gosh I feel the Chopsy after-show-high mushyness kick in... See what you're doing?!)

Oh and beforementioned favorite French lobster also sent me this after the show..... This is how we clap pincers at Lady Garden!

Next up was Aelva, that little pearl coming out of the seashell...  and radiating with her presence through the whole ocean.

As per usual, she picked the most hauntingly beautiful tune, and it was still ringing in my mind when waking up so I had to go deal with these pictures so I could listen to it some more. ;)

Thank you for being who you are! (and also for sinking Kismet's pirate ship... that bitch had it coming, I tell you....... ;D)  (oh wait... on retrospect, it could have been herself......... Let's rewind this in a moment and analyze....)

Curtain No. 4 belonged to LuLu, who we like to very much welcome to the Family :) Maybe unknown to our regular patrons, she's most definitely not a stranger to the stage. This was her debut set at LGC, and it couldnt have been any better.

We're glad to have you LuLu, thanks for bringing this gorgeous set to stage tonight and batteling the lag like one of the big fish ;) Those bubbles were just amazing and framed the scene so gorgeously.

And the last curtain of the night/day belonged to..... KISMET. What's there to say really - you are fantastic beyond words. I am so glad you could make it, would have been so sad if traffic had gotten the better of you.

A huge thank you for taking over the steering wheel today and showing us how Maine Lobsters do it by pulling out the DJ talents - this was great, I loved the tunes and for those of you who haven't noticed yet, Kismet is clearly my very favorite person to pick on... ;)  So I think we can safely say "Maine Lobster FTW" ;)

So that's it for the recap, I hope it gave you a good idea of what you missed if you were unable to attend or parts of the sets weren't fully rezzed, and allows you to dwell in memories if you caught it live.

Thanks so much to the whole Enchantment Team for your efforts and letting us be part of the adventure! We are excited to see this event so much more versatile then just "another shopping thing".

A very warm welcome to all our first time visitors and thank you to all our long time Patrons for coming to see this very special event! We hope you enjoyed watching this show as much as we did creating it.

And most important, thank you all for your generous tips during the night. :)

....I think this pirate was not expecting to be mugged by some critters....

Watch out for our next magical journey when it's time to raise the curtain again in about 3 months for another "Enchanted Lady Garden" (date and theme TBA).

Love and Kisses,
Chandra and the Minxettes

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Enchanted Lady Garden: "The Little Mermaid"

Just a few more hours! Be prepared and join us at

Please leave excessively primmy and vertex-heavy items at home and delete scripts etc.. the common stuff you do when visiting sims with a lot of people :)

Thank you in adance!